I’m active in numerous research and innovation projects in the following areas:

  • resuscitation science
  • cardiac arrest
  • how to improve survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest by alerting citizens through mobile apps
  • the use of technology in emergency and critical care medicine
  • pre-hospital emergency medicine
  • extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation

 I’m open to collaboration and new projects, both in the field of research and technology, get in touch.

Selected projects

AED training with a 3D-printed model and a smartphone app

Early defibrillation with the use of public-access defibrillators (AED) improves survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Therefore, as many people as possible must have the knowledge necessary to use an AED. To increase the accessibility of AED training, we prototyped a 3D model, printable with a 3D printer, resembling the shape of a real AED trainer. In addition, we developed a smartphone application that simulates the audio-visual features of an AED.

App with augmented reality for estimating weight in critically ill pediatric patients

Knowing child weight is critical while managing pediatric emergencies because dosing resuscitation drugs is generally based on weight. However, in many out-of-hospital and emergency department settings the child weight is unknown to the treating team and often it is not possible to weight the patients. Concerned by the risk derived by drug dosing errors in critically ill children we developed PediTape, the first smartphone application (app) that estimates child weight using the smartphone camera and augmented reality.

Assessment of Noise in the Intensive Care Unit Using Apple Watch

Alarms from monitors, medical devices and staff activities contribute to high noise levels in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Excessive levels of noise disrupt sleep patterns in patients admitted to the ICU and may contribute to the development of delirium and post-intensive care syndrome (PICS). We used Apple Watch of a nurse to analyze noise level in a ICU. The analysis of noise levels in the ICU using an Apple Watch is feasible and easy to perform. The role of wearable devices to measure noise levels deserves to be further investigated.